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Wilkes-Barre Implant Dentist: Dr. Coolican is the Expert

When it comes to dental health, having a trusted Wilkes-Barre implant dentist by your side [...]

Permanent Dentures: The Deluxe Option

About 15 percent of people with missing teeth have dentures made each year. However, if [...]

Missing Teeth? We Have the Solution

Severe tooth loss impacts the ability to eat meats, fruits, and vegetables, interfering with a [...]

Full Dentures: Here’s A More Stable Solution

If you’re among the millions of individuals who have relied on traditional full dentures to [...]

Mini Dental Implants in Allentown, PA

More than a third of Pennsylvania’s older adult population has lost six or more teeth [...]

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Mini Implant Cost: Accessible Treatment Options

Oral health and disease affect all aspects of our society, including financial well-being. The cost [...]

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation: A Brand-New Smile

Tooth loss is a widespread issue among Americans, with recent data revealing that 17.3% of [...]

Mini Implant Dentist: Customizing Your Smile

Dr. John P. Coolican, DMD, FAGD, is a second-generation dentist and a University of Pittsburgh [...]

Same-Day Dental Implants: Restore Your Smile Fast

People should have 32 permanent teeth. Unfortunately, American adults aged 20 to 64 years have [...]

Snap-On Dentures Enhance Your Quality of Life

Are you struggling with traditional removable dentures? Do you daydream about a dental solution that [...]