Mini Dental Implants vs Conventional Implants

In this video, Dr. John Coolican, a renowned Wilkes-Barre, PA implant dentist, explains the distinguishing factors that separate mini dental implants from larger traditional implants.

Unlike old style conventional implants, I can often provide immediate results. No need to go without teeth for months like the old style conventional implant. It also may be the best option when you are told that you need bone grafting before the old style traditional implant. There is a much lower incidence of implant infection, known as peri-implantitis, with these smaller one piece implants. It is a very patient-friendly procedure, unlike old styled traditional implant procedures which usually involve two or more separate surgeries over several months with cutting, bleeding and stitches. There are five main advantages of the mini dental implant: it is less invasive, less pain, less healing time, less visits to the dentist, and less expensive.

It should be considered the first choice often in medically compromised individuals due to its minimal invasiveness. Additionally, I also offer similar sized regular one piece implants when the situation warrants. It is best to consult with a mini dental implant professional to determine if mini dental implants are suitable for your specific situation. At times, I will prescribe a combination of regular and mini implants. Contact me for your free consultation and I’ll show you what I can do for you.


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Dr. Coolican was born, raised, and lives in the Scranton area. As a second generation dentist, his original intention in his studies after Scranton Preparatory School and while at the University Of Scranton included a desire to continue onto medical school. However, after serving in a position at his father’s office and learning the faces and names of many of the lifelong patients, he continued his career in dental school and cherishes the opportunity to serve the residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Dr. Coolican maintains a comprehensive dental practice devoted to excellence in his profession. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and general dental practice residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the VA Hospital system, Dr. Coolican is a founding member of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants, member of the International Dental Implant Association, and holds status of Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry among others.

Dr. Coolican has extensive training and placed thousands of Mini Dental Implants since 2004 and restored hundreds of smiles. He and his staff have recently founded Mint Mini Dental Implants, Wilkes Barre, PA.

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